Winter is coming – why not work in a Scottish Ski Resort

If you like skiing or snowboarding you might want to consider working in a Scottish Ski resort while on your working holiday in London and the UK. The season isn’t that long compared to some of the ski resorts in Europe however, there still is a season. And many staff are required to ensure the season runs smoothly. It could also lead to finding work in other ski resort areas around the world.

Types of work in a ski resort

There are different types of work available in a ski resort. It can range from working inside to outside. If working inside you could find yourself working in a chalet or lodge doing housekeeping or front of office type of things. You could also work in a bar or restaurant or in ski hire. If working outside you might find yourself selling tickets (sort of inside), maintaining equipment and the lifts or if you are a qualified snowboard or ski instructor you may find work as one of those. 

Five ski resorts in Scotland





There are five main ski centres in the Scottish Highlands. The Lecht, Nevis Range, Cairngorm, Glenshee and Glencoe. Some of the ski areas are quite remote and rely on travellers for staff.

The ski season generally runs from November/December to the middle of May but it does depend on the white stuff.

How to find a job in a Scottish Ski Centre

You can find a job in a Scottish Ski Centre in a number of ways. Many contact the resorts directly and I have provided their contact details following. Some people might see an ad in the local press while others just turn up, walk around the village and hope they find something. If you don’t find a job in a resort you could find something in a local town such as Aviemore known as ‘Aussiemore’ due to the amount of Aussies who find a position there. Not all of the resorts provide accommodation for their workers so you may need to find your own. I suggest staying in a hostel or small hotel while you wait for a position. Some resorts may provide subsidised accommodation for their staff and provide transport up the mountain.

Contact a Scottish Ski Centre directly

Cairngorm Ski Centre Tel: (01479) 810 261.
Cairngorm is in the centre of the Scottish Highlands. It is probably the best known of the Scottish Ski resorts and has the UK’s highest Funicular Railway and Restaurant. The nearest town is Aviemore, sometimes referred to as ‘Aussiemore’ due to the number of Aussies who find work there.  

Glencoe Ski Centre Tel: (01855) 851 226.
Glencoe is on the western side of the Scottish Highlands and is quite remote even though it is only half an hour away from Glasgow. It boasts some of the steepest on-piste skiing in the country.

Glenshee Ski Centre Tel: (013397) 412320.
Glenshee is the largest of the Scottish Ski resorts. The nearest town to this remote ski centre is Braemar. Here you could find work in one of the hotels, pubs or cafes. Braemar is home to the Scottish Highland Games which the Queen attends each year.

Lecht Ski Centre Tel: (01975) 651440.
This place looks very close to the Cairngorm ski centre on the map but alas, there is no direct road there. The nearest town is Tomintoul. Most ski runs are for beginners to intermediate.

Nevis Range Ski Centre Tel: (01397) 705 855.
This resort is on the western side of the Scottish Highlands with Ben Nevis being the highest mountain in the UK. The Nevis Range is near Fort William, so if you don’t find a position at the ski resort you may find work in this town.

If you are looking to try something different while on your working holiday in the UK, why not consider working in a Scottish ski centre. 


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