Travel Resources


Here are some of my favourites travel resources that have helped to make my travels to London (and beyond) a whole lot easier.

Please note: Some of these resources are Affiliates programs. If you book and pay after clicking on these Affiliates I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. The commission helps me to maintain this website







Check out Skyscanner to compare and book a great airfare to London and beyond.




Hostel World

This is my favourite hostel booking site. I can compare and book a hostel that suits me. There are plenty in London and around the UK to choose from. is my favourite hotel booking site. I use it regularly to find accommodation that suits me and my budget.


Travel Insurance

World Nomads

Travel Insurance is a must as you just don’t know when you might need it. I recommend World Nomads.



Sightsee London



Big Bus Co

When I first went to London I took one of these buses. It was great to be taken to all the sights.


UK transport options



Need a car. Check out RentalCars.


Transport options for Europe



Contiki have some great tours through Europe.


Get your Ultimate E-book






Travel Wallet

My trusty travel wallet that keeps my paperwork, money, credit cards and other valuables in the one convenient place.

Travel Adapter

I never travel without my travel adapter. I need it to recharge my devices.

Device Bag

This brilliant bag keeps all my device’s attachments, chords, etc. in the one convenient location. I know where everything else all the time.

Toiletry Bag

Another item I never leave home with. I love this toiletry bag as it keeps all my toiletries in the one handy place.