Packing for your London Working Holiday can be a monumental task. I know the first time I went to London on my own I packed many items that I thought I would need only to learn they soon became superfluous to my holiday. I have, over my years of travelling discovered 5 items that became essential items that I pack for every trip I now undertake.

Document/Passport/Wallet Organiser



My passport come wallet come document organiser was a fantastic purchase. It allows me to have all my documents like passport, tickets, booking confirmations, ID cards, credit cards and other important documents all in the one place. It makes my life easier having all these in the one easy to access place. It is also a very stylish item (I think so) and the wrist strap means it is easy to carry around. I chose a grey colour organiser so it doesn’t stand out. For security reasons I ensure I know where my organiser is at all times cause if lost or stolen my whole life would be in chaos.

Neck Pillow



Not the most attractive looking item but very comfortable. My neck pillow has become my best friend on long (and short) trips when I want to close my eyes and get some rest. You can’t always lay down on transport and so my pillow supported my neck and stopped my head falling to my shoulder so I didn’t wake up sore, but rested instead. My pillow is easy to inflate, I simply use a few breathes and it is ready for use. It is also easy to deflate and folds up small making it easy to pack in to my hand luggage.

Travel Adapter




Many countries have different prongs to plug in to electricity sockets and having the travel adapters to cover different countries came in handier than I ever imagined. My travel adapters are ideal when it comes to using my hair dryer and charging my devices, which as you know, need to be done regularly. The plug I chose is compatible for the UK and also the EU (European Union) which is fantastic during my European travels. The plug also has 2 USB ports which allows me to charge a number of items at the one time.

Toiletry Bag


Like my documents, I like to keep all my toiletries together and I have found a great bag that does this. It is waterproof and has a number of compartments allowing me to classify all my toiletries which allows me to find everything I need in the one place, and quickly. I discovered while travelling that when using toilet blocks there was usually a hook that you could hang your things up on. This is one thing I love about this toiletry bag is it has a hook so you can hang your things up. So much better than having your things on the floor while you are showering. The bag is also waterproof which has saved my makeup on many occasions.




My powerbank is a relatively new acquisition for my travels. I have a powerbank of 10000 mAH which allows me to charge my phone 3 times before it needs charging itself. It has saved me many times.

All these items are available now in the travel shop


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    Sharyn McCullum has travelled most of her life thanks to her dad who worked at Sydney Airport. In her 20’s she left Australia on her own and spent 4 years on a working holiday in London and the UK. This inspired her guide LiveWork&Play in London & the UK. She regularly visits London to ensure her guide is relevant and current. She also maintains a number of websites/blogs including She currently calls Melbourne home.


    PS: Sort your London & the UK Adventure

    Sort everything out all in one go? If necessary for your travel plans make sure you have bought appropriate travel insurance,  compared hostels and hotels, reserved an unbeatable rental car price, booked a great flight deal, considered an organised tour or a European Rail Pass, organised your London sightseeing and don’t forget to read the ultimate working holiday guide.

    Then add an adventurous attitude. Find your own path and most of all, enjoy your London and UK working holiday.


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