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Bar Work – a great traveller’s job in the UK

A pub on every cornerIf you have heard the saying 'there's a pub on every corner' - well, it's true. And this is great news if you would like a job working in an English pub. Pub culture is a huge part of the UK way of life and has been for hundreds of years. They can...

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Best time to move to London

Any time is a good time to visit London, although the seasons, the cost of airfares and accommodation, the availability of work, finishing your studies and the possibility of attending special events can all play a major role as to when you actually go.   The...

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Christmas in London – what will you do?

Your first Christmas in London - what will you do?This may be your first time away from family and friends and it can be upsetting missing out on your regular Christmas celebrations. To ensure you don’t wake up alone in London now is the time to get planning. Here are...

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Work in a Scottish ski centre

Winter is coming - why not work in a Scottish Ski Resort If you like skiing or snowboarding you might want to consider working in a Scottish Ski resort while on your working holiday in London and the UK. The season isn't that long compared to some of the...

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Best 3 Airfare types for your London Working Holiday

Get me to my London for my working holidayThe quickest way to travel from A to B is to fly. Depending on the route chosen, your flight can take a few ice-filled drinks, wrestles with packets of peanuts, a dinner, a light refreshment, a breakfast, hopefully a snooze, a...

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Top 5 travel accessories for your London Working Holiday

Packing for your London Working Holiday can be a monumental task. I know the first time I went to London on my own I packed many items that I thought I would need only to learn they soon became superfluous to my holiday. I have, over my years of travelling...

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9 ways to help save money for your London Working Holiday

Start saving money So you are saving money for your working holiday in London & the UK. But how much should you save you ask? Well that is a hard one to answer as it depends on where you are going, how long you are going for and whether the places you are visiting...

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Wimbledon lowdown

This post has been updated for Wimbledon 2019.It’s that time of year again - Wimbledon time!If you have never heard of Wimbledon then you must have been living under a rock all your life. But if you have been living under a rock, here is a quick lowdown.What is...

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