This Stonehenge Post has been updated September 2019. Stonehenge was something I had always wanted to see. And I can now say I have seen it a few times. But I remember the very first time,  sitting in the bus it was fast approaching. It was getting bigger and bigger...

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UK Working Holiday Visas

The UK has a number of visas allowing you to visit however, many people like to go on an extended stay in the UK and this is possible with the working holiday and ancestral visas that are available. This is great news because you can undertake work to fund...

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Hi and welcome to LondonWorkingHoliday. I’m Sharyn and I went to London on a working holiday. I arrived with no friends, no family, no job and nowhere to live and I always wished there had been information available to me to help me prepare for what lay ahead. This is why I have created this blog and my ebook to provide tips, tricks and info to help you hit the ground running on your working holiday.

My ebook has all the info you need for a great working holiday.


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