Let the countdown begin to your London Working Holiday


Preparation is key to a successful working holiday in London and the UK. Like many, you may not know where to start so here is our suggested checklist to help you prepare for your trip so you can hit the ground running on your arrival.

6-8 months before departure

  • Arrange passport

2-4 months before departure

  • Apply for visa/s
  • Book air ticket and other travel arrangements. Check out our Travel Resources page for organisations where you can book your travel.
  • Vaccinations
  • Medical and dental checkup
  • Open a bank account in the UK from home
  • Police Clearance

1-2 months before departure

  • Confirm travel arrangements
  • purchase travel insurance
  • Pre-book accommodation
  • Pre-book travel and travel passes (London Oyster Card)
  • Sign power of attorney
  • Make a will
  • Sort out finances, credit/debit card, etc. check out our Money Matters info
  • Obtain International Driver’s Licence
  • Obtain discount card/s
  • Update CV, obtain necessary references
  • Arrange care for pets

Week leading up to your trip

  • Farewell family and friends
  • Pack and label backpack/suitcase – check out our Travel Store for useful items to take on your big adventure
  • Cancel milk and papers
  • Cancel utilities: electricity, water, gas, cable TV, etc.
  • Open email address and/or create social media accounts, etc.
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary, passport and visa details and leave with a trusted family member or friend (make electronic copies to take with you)
  • Take a pen to fill out landing card
  • Cash for transport from airport and initial few days (around £300)

See First things First to see some essential things you need to do in the first few weeks after your arrival.