Stonehenge - a British iconStonehenge was something I had always wanted to see. And I can now say I have seen it a few times. But I remember the very first time,  sitting in the bus it was fast approaching. It was getting bigger and bigger as we drew nearer and I all...

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Best time to move to London

Any time is a good time to visit London, although the seasons, the cost of airfares and accommodation, the availability of work, finishing your studies and the possibility of attending special events can all play a major role as to when you actually go.   The...

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Christmas in London – what will you do?

Your first Christmas in London - what will you do?This may be your first time away from family and friends and it can be upsetting missing out on your regular Christmas celebrations. To ensure you don’t wake up alone in London now is the time to get planning. Here are...

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Work in a Scottish ski centre

Winter is coming - why not work in a Scottish Ski Resort If you like skiing or snowboarding you might want to consider working in a Scottish Ski resort while on your working holiday in London and the UK. The season isn't that long compared to some of the...

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Oktoberfest is a great event to experience if you are living in London on a working holiday. It is definitely worth including it in your European travels. World's largest beer and travelling funfair Oktoberfest, pronounced ok.toba.fest, is the world’s largest beer and...

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Hi. I’m Sharyn McCullum and I went to London on a working holiday. I arrived with no friends, no family, no job and nowhere to live. I always wished there had been information available to me to help me prepare for my arrival. This is why I have created my book LiveWork&Play in London & the UK and this website/blog to help you hit the ground running when you arrive in London.

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