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The quickest way to travel from A to B is to fly. Depending on the route chosen, your flight can take a few ice-filled drinks, wrestles with packets of peanuts, a dinner, a light refreshment, a breakfast, hopefully a snooze, a couple of trips to the loo and a movie or two. So what types of tickets are out there to get you to London and the UK for a working holiday? To help you decide if an ‘open jaw’ or ‘single’ is the right choice for your trip, here is a simple airfare terminology guide to help you choose the right ticket.

One-way airfare ticket to London

A one-way ticket is designed to take you from A to B. This ticket is great if you do not know when you will be returning. And as a UK working holiday visa is valid for two years and an airplane ticket is usually valid for only one year it makes sense to purchase a one-way airfare to London.

A one way flight is usually undertaken without a stop-over. If you want a stop-over then consider a multi-stop one-way airfare. 



A Multi-stop ticket to London

A multi-stop ticket is an individually tailored flight itinerary that allows you to stop off at multiple destinations. This is great if you want to visit a number of places on your way to London. You could do the following:
Melbourne – Honolulu – Los Angeles – New York – London, or
Sydney – Bangkok – Madrid – London, or
Perth – Dubai – Paris – London. I think you get the gist.

You could also throw in here an ‘open-jaw’ ticket which allows you to fly in to one city and out of another. Thus, you will have the option to use other means of transport between the two cities. For example:
Brisbane – Denpasar, Bali – Athens – Eurail through Europe – Paris – London.

Mixed Class ticket to London

A Mixed Class ticket to London is when you change airline classes on different flights. For instance you may want to fly from Melbourne to London. You could fly to Asia in Economy Class and then fly the longer portion of the flight from Asia to Europe in Business class.

My advice is to shop around until you find a ticket that suits you and your budget. I use Skyscanner on a regular basis to search for suitable tickets at the best price possible.




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