There are many ways to get to the UK and in particular London – as the saying says ‘all roads lead to London’ – however, as the UK is an island the quickest way is to fly. And there are many routes you can take where you can include a stopover or not.

Airfares to London & the UK

Now your airfare to London will be one of the biggest expenses you will have in the planning stage of your trip. It is important you look at many options and choose the best option to suit you and your budget. Sometimes the cheapest option isn’t always the best option. You might want to include in your decision process luggage allowances (some airlines allow more weight or pieces of luggage than others) and the leg room available. These things can make a big difference particularly if your flight will be 24 hours or more.


Choosing an airfare


Airfares can be a complicated thing with a number of things you should consider.
Price – price is often a major factor when choosing an airfare however, the cheapest isn’t always the best.
One way or return – only you can answer that. Airfares are valid for 12 months so if you plan on staying away for longer than that then a one-way ticket may suit you better.
Seasons – leaving and/or arriving in the off-season or shoulder season is usually cheaper than flying during the high season. 
Class – you may want to upgrade to enjoy the ride.
Flexibility – do you need the flexibility to change the date of your trip, if so, then you may need to pay a little more to get the flexibility you need.
Stopovers – if you are on a long flight do you want to break it with a stopover or two. Don’t forget you will need to budget for accommodation if you choose to have a stop. You could book in to a hostel and I recommend you have a look at HostelWorld to compare and book a bed or for something a little more upmarket.


Compare and book your airfare


If you choose to fly compare airfares to London on Skyscanner and get the best deal to suit your budget and travel aspirations. I often use Skyscanner to compare and book my flights. What I like about it is it shows the different airlines, stop-overs and the flying time. Oh, and the price of course so I have booked on line with them a couple of times and had no issues. I’ve also used quotes from them to see if a travel agent would match it and a couple of times they did. Anyway, use Skyscanner as your first stop when choosing an airfare to London, or anywhere else for that matter!. Click on the link below to start your search.


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