You are spoilt for choice with the available accommodation in London and the UK. It ranges from sharing a hostel room to small B&Bs to large hotels and even castles are throwing open their doors. But for your arrival in the UK you will need some short-term accommodation.

Short-term accommodation in London and the UK

There are a number of types of short-term accommodation available to stay in while you work out how to settle in to your new life in London and the UK. A great place to base yourself while you find your feet is in either a hostel, B&B or small hotel. Many choose hostels. This is because if you are travelling on your own you will meet like-minded people in the hostel possibly doing what you are doing. But no matter what your budget, there will be a place that suits you. 

How to find short-term accommodation

Of course you can find accommodation once you arrive in the UK however, I have stayed in many hostels in the UK and I have compared and booked them through HostelWorld. When I want something a little more than a hostel bed I have found accommodation through This website lets you compare and then book your chosen accommodation. 

I suggest you book accommodation for two weeks

I suggest you book accommodation definitely for one week but preferably two. This is because by the time you have recovered from jet lag, done some sightseeing and started to get things under way (register for National Insurance, open bank account, find a place to live, find a job, etc). your first week will probably be up. Having a second week of accommodation booked will allow you to get most things (if not all sorted).

Long-term London accommodation

If you are one of the lucky ones who has a bed or even a floor to sleep on when you arrive, you’re off to a very good start. Finding somewhere to live can be one of the most daunting tasks you will ever have to tackle while on a working holiday. This is because there is fierce competition for the accommodation that is available.

Looking for long-term accommodation in London can be a full-time occupation. Before you start to look, you need a rough idea about the area you would like to live in and what it has to offer. Before you sign on the dotted line, throw in to the equation:

  • how far is the accommodation from public transport. You don’t want a long walk each day to the train, tube or bus stop.
  • Check what travel zone the accommodation is in. The further out the cheaper your rent might be but you will have higher travel expenses and longer travel time to get in to the city and maybe to your work.
  • Have a look at what services are available. Without a car, having a supermarket, laundrette, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and pubs nearby are great.
  • check out sites such as

Extensive information on finding long-term accommodation can be found in our ebook LiveWork&Play in London & the UK.


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