Couple Taking Their Photo With London Bridge Behind Them While Sightseeing London On Their London and UK Working Holiday.

Is London Calling You for a Working Holiday?


I presume you said yes! The United Kingdom is the most popular working holiday visa destination. This is because it has been in existence for many years compared to some others. Most who come to the UK on a working holiday arrive in, and choose to live and work in London. This is because London is the hub for working holiday makers. It is a great place to live, work and play and has everything you need. With a working holiday or ancestry visa you will be able to live in the UK and get a job to earn pounds so you can travel. London will become your home away from home and be your base to undertake travels through Europe, Scandinavia, Africa and more. So, get ready!


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Hi. I’m Sharyn and I went to London on a working holiday and found myself standing at Heathrow Airport with no family, friends, job or accommodation and thought ‘what have I done?’ I wished there had been information available to me so I knew what to expect. My aim with this website is to provide you with the information you need to live, work and play in London and the UK successfully. And unlike me, be able to hit the ground running on your working holiday. So click around and get the info you need from my website and from my ebook Live Work and Play in London and the UK – The Ultimate Working Holiday Guide.


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Prepare For Your Trip To London By Applying For A UK Visa.
Waiting Tables is A Common Backpacker Working Holiday Maker Job in London.
Find Accommodation in London and the UK such As In This Colourful Street Of Edwardian Houses.
Female Travelling Around London and the UK With A Union Jack Umbrella On Her London Working Holiday.