An overview

Northern Ireland┬áisn’t a popular place to base yourself if on a working holiday but if you do, work is limited but still can be found, mostly in the capital of Belfast where you could find an office based position (accounting, admin, banking), a hospitality position (bar work in one of the many pubs) and possibly nursing and teach work. Some pick up a job in a pub in one of the local towns.


Scotland is a great place to base yourself. There are many work opportunities in the major cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. a variety of positions can be found in the major cities such as accounting, banking, teaching, office based positions, hospitality in a pub or cafe. Many travellers take up positions in the Scottish Ski fields during the winter months.

The Republic of Ireland isn’t part of the UK and so your UK working holiday visa doesn’t apply here. If you wanted to work here the Republic has its own working holiday agreement with a number of countries. Work could be found in the capital, Dublin in accounting, office based positions and hospitality. Many find a job in pubs around the Republic in one of the towns.

Work can be found in Wales mostly in the capital city of Cardiff where office based positions can be found. Also hospitality in a pub or cafe. Those with horse riding skills may find a position in a horse riding centre, of which there are many.

England offers many work opportunities to the working holiday maker. There are a number of major cities (Leeds, Manchester, etc.) where you could find work. London is the hub though and offers many work opportunities. Accounting and Banking professionals are in high demand as are teachers, office staff, hospitality staff, nurses, tradies and nannies.

The English countryside also offers a number of work opportunities for farm workers, fruit and vegetable pickers and those seeking work in the equine industry as racing, both flat and jumps are extremely popular in England. Also, there are many riding establishments.

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