Suggestion 1

Sightseeing London will be the best part of your working holiday. The luxury you have is that being on a working holiday you have two years to explore this exciting city.

You will have your own ideas about what you want to see and do and good news is London is a compact city with many of the sights you will want to see and experience near each other. Here is our first suggestion to get you started on sightseeing London. Please note, this is the first in a series of suggested London sightseeing options.

Suggestion 1 – Tower of London – Tower Bridge – The Monument – St Pauls Cathedral 


Follow our map – You could start one day’s exploring at Tower Hill Tube Station, situated on the Circle and District Tube lines. By following the signs you will find yourself stepping back in time to macabre English history; you’ll discover areas of London Wall dating back to Roman times. Across the road from Tower Hill is the Tower of London where you’ll see Traitor’s Gate. You’ll also be able to visit the Bloody Tower where two princes, Edward V and his brother, were murdered–it’s also the place where King Henry VIII had a couple of his wives beheaded. If you love history, you could spend many hours in this place. These days you will find friendly Beefeaters conducting tours and you will be able to view the Queen’s priceless Crown jewels. Leaving the Tower, you could cross the Thames via Tower Bridge–the famous landmark often seen on the tourist brochures. You can walk this Gothic structure, which gives great views of London.


Tower Bridge London

Once across the bridge, turn right into Tooley Street. If you’re interested in battleships, board the HMS Belfast or continue up this street to the London Dungeon. Here your senses will work overtime as you see, hear and smell the gruesome tortures that were practised throughout England’s long history.

If you’ve had enough touring after London Dungeon, London Bridge Station is there to take you home. If you haven’t had enough, visit Southwark Cathedral or cross over the Thames via London Bridge, (which is near the site of the original medieval bridge). Once across, you will arrive at a really tall column structure known as The Monument. This structure was built as a reminder of the Great Fire of London which apparently started in a bakery not far away in Pudding Lane. You can climb the 311 stairs to experience great views of London.


You can climb to the top of The Monument for a view of London but be warned, you must climb a spiral staircase consisting of 311 stone steps, which can be a little scary at times, but the view is worth it. From The Monument either head up King William Street to the Bank of England and the Royal Exchange or head along Cannon Street to Ludgate Hill. Here you will find St Pauls Cathedral, made famous by the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.

Please note: Most, if not all the tourist attractions mentioned have an entrance fee.

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