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So you are saving money for your working holiday in London & the UK. But how much should you save you ask? Well that is a hard one to answer as it depends on where you are going, how long you are going for and whether the places you are visiting have low or high costs of living. But how much should you save you ask again? The only answer I can give you, is to save as much as possible and ensure you have access to your savings. By that I mean, you don’t necessary need to take all your savings with you, as long as you can access your cash along the way, such as through Internet banking, ATMs, etc.

Now you don’t need to be rich to be able to travel for extended periods of time, as long as you prioritise your spending in the months/year leading up to your trip you should be able to save enough to allow you to enjoy your time travelling and be able to experience everything you want to experience without worrying about where the next dollar is coming from.

So here are my suggestions to help your savings grow:

  • Work out your weekly/monthly budget of essential items you need to pay, ie. Rent, food, bills, etc. and stick to only paying for these items.
  • Start looking at everything you buy as an experience overseas. What I mean by this is reduce (or stop) purchasing little items such as coffees, magazines, chocolate bars, clothes, books, etc. You will be amazed how much you will save if for instance you give up buying a morning coffee at $4 each time. If you work 5 days per week you have saved $20 for a fabulous experience overseas.
  • Bring your lunch/dinner from home to eat. Spending $10 plus each day on lunch could be $50 for a fabulous experience overseas. See the savings as sitting in a piazza in Italy drinking a coffee, or having a glass of champaign on the Eiffel Tower, or accommodation for a night in a beach hut, or going to a show on Broadway, or diving in the Red sea, get the drift?
  • Reduce the amount of times you go out per week, maybe go out one night per week. Maybe invite your friends over for a dinner with everyone bringing their own booze, some fun times can be had at home and you could save a lot for your travel experiences.
  • Take the cheapest form of travel possible. Walk or cycle or local transport rather than driving as it can be expensive.
  • Pick up a second job or work overtime hours if possible, the hard work now will be well worth it when you are travelling.
  • Sell your stuff – furniture, housewares, electronics, vehicle, clothing, etc.
  • Start a ‘holiday’ account and every pay put away a certain amount. You will be amazed at how quickly this will grow.
  • Plan to work on your travels to help you save and be able to travel further.

Very importantly, still allow yourself to have fun while you are saving for your overseas trip. You don’t want to resent the trip. Trust me, once you are on the road travelling and having the time of your life you won’t be disappointed that you gave up a coffee every day.

About the Author: Sharyn McCullum lived, worked and played around the world for four years. She writes the Live Work & Play series of working holiday guides and has a number of websites and blogs including:, and


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