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Fast & Fabulous Meals for travellers

Eat in and cook your own fast and fabulous meals

So now that you are settling in to London life or somewhere else in the UK it is time to think about how you will eat in. Unfortunately you cannot dine out every night (though it would be nice) but cooking your own meals is a lot cheaper (and sometimes a lot healthier) and will help you save your hard earned pounds for your future travels. If you don’t have some easy recipes up your sleeve then here are some of our fast and fabulous recipes to help you on your way.

Travellers Fare – helps you to eat in

Traveller’s Fare — Fast and Fabulous meals for travellers is a an e-cookbook that provides easy to make meals that don’t take longer than 60 minutes cause when you are on the road the last thing you want is to be stuck in a foreign kitchen trying to make something edible. They also use limited ingredients making them cheaper to make and are often healthier.

The meals included in this e-cookbook have been supplied by travellers who have cooked these meals ‘on the road’. They are:

Easy to make
Require little preparation and few cooking utensils
Yummy and nutritious
Relatively cheap to buy ingredients
Ingredients are readily available (hopefully)
All recipes take under 60 minutes to make
Are aimed at single travellers but can be adapted to include couples and families.

If you don’t want your health to go pear-shaped while you are living in London and travelling around get your copy of our e-cookbook Travellers Fare – Fast and Fabulous Meals for Travellers for only $15 now. Then you too can enjoy fast, fabulous and nutritious meals while on your working holiday in London and the United Kingdom. Click on the cover below. Easily downloadable and travels well on devices.

Travellers Fare

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