Hi, I’m Sharyn McCullum and I am the creator of www.londonworkingholiday.com, thanks for stopping by.

About me. I have travelled most of my life thanks to my dad who worked at Sydney Airport but it wasn’t until I had a bad day at work that I resigned and within a month arrived at Heathrow Airport with no friends, family, work or anywhere to live and wondered ‘what on earth had I done’.

But like most, I caught the Tube in to Earls Court and found a cheap hostel to stay in. After a few days recovering from jet lag I ventured to see some of the famous sites like Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Big Ben, the Horse Guards and did quite a bit of shopping at Harrods and other high street stores.

As a week was almost up I began the hard task of finding somewhere more permanent to live. I traipsed over most of London being interviewed by prospective room mates and finally found a single room in a flat share. The room was oh so tiny and had minimal furniture, ie. a single bed with bedding that may not have been washed in a while, a bedside table with lamp and a wardrobe. My first purchase was a set of new sheets and a doona cover.

Next on my list was to do a number of jobs to set myself up which included registering for National Insurance and claiming my bank account – you see I opened an account from home in London and so just had to go to the main branch and identify myself. I then began registering with employment agencies and to my great delight I had a temporary secretarial job for the week – my life of living and working in London had truly began.

The first few months were the hardest as I established myself. I didn’t know anyone but started to meet people through work and also I joined in in some of the Aussie ex-pat festivities like going to the Aussie pubs, going on bus trips to Royal Ascot, etc.

During my time in London and the UK I always wished there had been a travel guide that would have advised me on what to expect and had helpful advice to guide me through those first few months – so I wrote one to help future travellers know what to expect when they arrive in London. It is available via ebook.