There are a number of quintessential British Foods that you will hear about and enjoy during your travels however, here are my top 5 I believe everyone should try.

Full English Breakfast

This is my favourite of all the British foods. There is nothing like a good hearty Full English Breakfast to start the day with. Traditionally it is a mighty meal consisting of sausages, bacon, eggs and toast but many add baked beans, tomato, mushrooms and sometimes blood pudding.



Roast dinner with Yorkshire Pudding

Having a Sunday roast is a true British classic. Traditionally this meal is eaten any time from 12noon to 5pm on a Sunday but some people, such as myself, enjoy them on other days also. I also like washing them down with a nice bottle of Savignon Blanc or a cold pint. Traditionally, the meal consisted of sliced beef served with vegetables, roasted potatos and of course Yorkshire Pudding all covered in gravy. Nowadays you can have your roast with roast turkey, pork, chicken or lamb.



Fish and chips

Fish and Chips are known the world over. Preferably eaten by the seaside but if not, London has some wonderful fish and chipperies where you can experience traditional fish and chips with mushy peas and garnished with salt and vinegar.



Bacon Butty

Bacon butty is another name for a bacon sandwich. So simple to make yourself, just fry your bacon and put it between two pieces of fresh bread – yum. Some add a smothering of tomato sauce (ketchup).



Afternoon tea (High tea)



The ultimate British tradition, an afternoon tea or high tea is a fabulous way to while away the afternoon and enjoy true British delicacies with friends. Traditionally it comprises of finger sandwiches with the crusts cut off and with a variety of fillings such as cucumber, cheese and pickle and tuna and mayo to name a few. Scones with jam and fresh cream are also on the menu along with pastries that you can wash down with a great cup of tea, and sometimes with a glass of champaign.


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